Five star Service


Efficient, helpful and very professional!

Cannot recommend Nadine highly enough! She was excellent in helping me find my dream home, she knew what I was looking for and did not waste my time. Efficient, helpful and very professional!

Nadines is a master at her role and has ample experience

Nadine has been an excellent choice whenever we needed an estate agent. Whether buying or selling our home or a small family getaway Nadine was always our first choice. A choice we never regretted. Apart from being charismatic and helpful at every turn, she is a master at her role and has ample experience. We trust her implicitly and she has always lived up to our expectations, always giving us the full picture and telling us things as they are. She is factual and honest and doesn’t beat around the bush, but importantly, she understands our needs and expectations and does her utmost to match them and guide us. Nadine has many great qualities that make her an outstanding real estate agent, her honesty and sincerity prevail. We have lots of faith in her and feel that her opinion is a guaranteed sincere one.

Nadine prepared herself extremely well

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to have a look at what properties were on the market at the time. Nadine asked us to dedicate a morning for her to show us what was available, in line with what she believed we were looking for. Having asked us a few questions prior to our meeting, she prepared herself extremely well, did all her homework and shortlisted a number of properties that were in line with our requirements. In 3 hours she showed us a number of interesting properties and within 24 hours from seeing one of the said properties, we concluded. Highly impressed with Nadine's work and I would certainly recommend her to anyone.

True professional in the Real Estate Industry

Nadine is a true professional in the Real Estate Industry. Highly competent, very knowledgeable, hard-working and has a pleasant personality. Nadine is a great asset to our organisation. I highly recommend her.

Nadine's infectious enthusiasm, cheerful disposition and expert advice make her stand out in this field

One of Nadine's best qualities is her no-nonsense style, she gets to the point quickly and professionally. Nadine listened to our needs and did not waste time showing us properties that did not meet our objectives. Nadine's infectious enthusiasm, cheerful disposition and expert advice make her stand out in this field. I appreciated the late-night emails and calls; her energy, perseverance and sharpness are second to none! Thank you for taking us to the finish line, we wouldn't have made it without you!

Positive attitude combined with very quick feedback

Nadine’s goal-oriented approach and positive attitude combined with her quick feedback have been invaluable during the sales process of our home. Nadine can be highly recommended.

Nadine makes every effort to understand what her clients are after

The first time we worked with Nadine was 15 years ago.. and in these years we have worked together on a number of properties. What we really like about Nadine is that she makes every effort to understand what her clients are after and her aim is to make sure the client finds the right property/home. Nadine is a genuine agent and for her, it is more important that her client will be happy in the property than anything else.

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